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With over forty years of experience, Tiger-Vac has successfully established itself in the international market as a manufacturer of high-quality Explosion Proof, Industrial, and Cleanroom Vacuum Systems.

Tiger-Vac has a wide range of civerse clientele including the military, pharmaceutical industries, food processing plants as well as many other industries that have a need for specialized vacuum systems. Many of these industries require HEPA vacuums as well as vacuums for controlled or hazardous environments.

Equipment Offerings

  • Oil Hogs
  • Portable Vacuums
  • Hazard Area Compliance
  • Portable Dust Collectors
Image showing a blue Tiger Vac

Equipment Offerings

  • Oil Hogs
  • Portable Vacuums
  • Hazard Area Compliance
  • Portable Dust Collectors

Process and Housekeeping Vacuum

Hogoil Pump

  • Designed for the recovery of metal chips and shavings mixed with oil. Can be used for both aqueous and synthetic based coolants
  • The HOGOIL’s compact size allows it to be quickly moved near and around machinery to facilitate machinery maintenance and to minimize down time
  • Single phase, dual motors – 2-stage heavy duty bypass type
  • The electric pump, with a flow rate of 100 liters/min. (26 gallons/min.), is included. It allows recovered liquids to be pumped back into the machinery
  • Equipped with 3 independent switches (one switch for each motor and a separate switch for the electric pump). There is also an indicator light for when the maximum liquid recovery capacity has been reached
  • The electronic float valve automatically stops the vacuum when the container is full
  • There are two filters installed upstream from the motor – a foam filter and a Dralon pre-filter
  • The 2″ (50 mm) suction inlet is positioned below the filters allowing for the recovery of both liquids and solids at the same time
  • Metal chips and shavings are collected in the removable sieve basket
  • The HOGOIL PUMP is also equipped with a polypropylene mesh filter (300 microns) which is used in conjunction with the sieve basket. The mesh filter protects the pump from very fine chips/shavings and it also cleans/filters the oil as it passes through the sieve basket allowing the recovered oil to be re-used
  • Discharge hose with nozzle is included for use with the pump. The discharge nozzle is equipped with a ball valve
  • A 1.25″ drain valve is also installed on the container
  • Oil resistant suction hose and a variety of optional accessories are available
Image of a large silver, metal Tiger Vac

Explosion Proof Portable Vacuum

  • Legally certified explosion proof/dust ignition proof
  • HEPA filter with an efficiency of 99.995% at 0.3 micron. Tested IEST-RP-CC001. H14 by MPPS method as per EN 1822 and OSHA compliant. All of our HEPA vacuum systems are aerosol leak tested before leaving our facility – optional
  • Manometer included (filter blockage indicator)
  • Manual Filter Shaker (MFS) system
  • Ideal for general cleaning and for process integration
  • Continuous duty single phase or 3-phase (TEFC) explosion proof/dust ignition proof motor
  • For dry recovery only
  • Stainless steel SAE 304 body and heavy duty powder coated cart
  • Static dissipative poly liner and clip for the easy and safe disposal of recovered materials – available
  • Detachable recovery tank (DT) for easy disposal of recovered materials
  • Includes a complete static dissipative tool kit
  • Motor and switch for use in the presence of conductive metal dust is available. North-America: Class II, Group E Europe: Dust Group IIIC
  • Includes a True Cyclone Separator System located at the suction intake to enhance suction performance

About Tiger-Vac

Tiger-Vac sold its first vacuum system in 1969. Having been in business for over 40 years, we have come to know our industry very well. Our customers demand a commitment to manufacturing and delivering quality vacuum systems that suit their various needs. With a Quality System ISO 9001 and ATEX certified we have not only met these demands but exceeded them. We continuously strive to improve upon our existing products as well as design new systems to serve ever changing industries.

Get in touch with one of our experienced Team Members about Tiger-Vac products and how they can solve your air pollution problems.