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Nestec, Inc. 

Nestec, Inc.

Leader in production of regenerative thermal oxidizers, which destroy organic chemical emissions for various industrial applications.

Web Site: www.nestecinc.com



Nestec, Inc. Regenerative Thermal OxidizerRegenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO) for VOC Control and Process Optimization

For nearly three decades, RTO's have been used to destroy volatile organic compound (VOC) and hazardous air pollutant (HAP) emissions in industries such as metal coil coating, vinyl floor manufacturing, heat web offset and other printing applications, specialty chemical, pharmaceutical and wood products manufacturing.

The RTO converts VOC's and HAP's to carbon dioxide and water vapor through thermal oxidation.

RTO's use regenerative heat transfer to achieve very high thermal efficiencies, which results in very low fuel cost.


Low Utility Consumption

Nestec RTO's are custom designed to minimize electrical usage and achieve over 95% thermal efficiency. Since no two process conditions are exactly the same, they use structured and random packing for optimum compatibility to the process conditions.


Nestec thermal oxidation systems achieve 99% VOC and CO control while emitting less than 0.04 lbs./MMBTU NOx.

System Bakeout

The Nestec RTO is designed to control organic particulate buildup. The bakeout system controls the process offline to ensure safe operation and to minimize particulate emissions, which would otherwise cause compliance issues if performed online.

Reliability, Easy Maintenance

Nestec systems have been standardized for consistency in design, execution and operation. All components are accessible for inspection and service, and are stocked in the U.S.


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